Latest Update Notes: 20211216 Updated info.

最後更新:20211216 更新信息

Hi There! This is AS 138435 AS 147047 YuetAu Network. Welcome Onboard.

歡迎來到 AS 138425 AS 147047 YuetAu Network 的網站

Currently this network is operating on six PoP (SG-SIN, HK-HKG, NL-AMS, DE-NUE, US-LAX). More is coming.

現時我們於六個節點(SG-SIN, HK-HKG, NL-AMS, DE-NUE, US-LAX)上運作,未來將會有更多節點提供服務。

We are operating on IPv6 only. 我們只支持 IPv6。

Prefixes / 路由前綴:

  • We will be announcing following routes / 我們現時宣告以下路由 :

    • 2602:feda:d70::/44
    • 2a0e:b107:fe0::/44
    • 2a0e:46c4:2900::/40
  • We will be also announcing more specified routes in different regions.

  • 我們亦會在不同地域內宣告該地域更細緻的路由。

Peering Policy / 對等互聯策略:

  • We are willing to peer with networks which are connected to one or more exchange points which we have in common.

  • 我們願意和我們在同一網路交換中心的網絡進行對等互聯。

  • We will announce to you via BGP4 any routes which we carry and will listen to any routes that you carry.

  • 我們會透過BGP4向你宣告我們的路由並接收你向我們宣告的路由。

  • If you peer with us, we expect the following:

  • 如果你將會和我們進行對等互聯,我們期望:

    • Only send us traffic that is destined for the prefixes we announce to you. Do not point default at us or use static routes to send us traffic that does not match the routes we announce to you without both consensus.

    • 只向我們傳送我們所宣告之路由的流量。若沒有雙方同意,請不要將預設路由指向我們,或傳送無關流量。

    • We will announce consistent routes at each exchange point. More specified routes will announce in different regions.

    • 我們會在所有網路交換中心宣告相同路由,我們亦會在不同區域的網路交換中心宣告該區域更細緻的路由。

    • We expects you to peer at all exchange fabrics we have in common to further improve routing efficiency.

    • 我們期望你能夠在所有共同的網路交換中心與我們進行對等互聯。

    • We will contact you on any major incidents. Please leave your 24x7 contactable phone, email or instant messages to us.

    • 我們會在所有重大事故中跟你聯絡,請向我們提供能隨時聯絡電話、電郵或即時訊息的帳戶。

Peering and Transit / 對等互聯和流量轉送:

  • By default, we will be only announcing our routes shown above.

  • 在一般情況下,我們只會向你宣告我們的路由。

  • We are able to provide transit with best effort but without SLA guaranty. We usually require you to provide transit to us as well.

  • 我們能夠提供最大程度下流量轉送服務,但無SLA保證。我們亦會要求你提供流量轉送服務。

Locations / 位置:

  • We are operating in / 我們現時節點位於 :

    • Singapore, SG (SG-SIN)
    • Hong Kong, HK (HK-HKG)
    • Amsterdam, NL (NL-AMS)
    • Falkenstein, DE (DE-NUE)
    • Los Angeles, US (US-LAX)

Peers and IX / 合作夥伴和網路交換中心:

Updates / 更新:

Contact Us / 聯絡我們:

  • Please contact us on Email network [@] yuetau [.] net or Telegram for any inquiries.

  • 如有任何查詢,請透過電郵 network [@] yuetau [.] netTelegram 聯絡我們。

  • PGP Signature should be include in all mail sent. Network PGP Pubkey

  • 所有已發送的郵件應包含PGP簽名。 PGP公鑰